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Auto Central Bank
Car Rental, Lambi, Kos Greece


Info Auto Central Bank:
Lampi, Kos island, Greece
Tel.: 22420 21135
Fax.: 22420 23150
Emergency Tel.: 694 4867797

The office of renting of cars central auto bank has long military service in the space of renting of car. From 1972 it is accomodated in privately-owned offices, in the city of Kos, in Lampi, in the central street.The company central auto bank constitutes successful example in one of genuine success story organisation and growth. The presentation and the householder of office of Georgia is sure that it will inspire you confidence. Personality in regard to the communication with the visitors he is open and friendly with effervescent authentic interest for your wishes. The honesty, the sincerity and the straightness express her sentiments.

From her temperament she is active, with faculty and disposal to create powerful bonds, you can unconditionally him entrust you to help you wander in the beautiful island of Kos with sure and comfortable way.

The road network of Kos encourages ways with a car. The visitor has the occasion to turn and to know the island in three or even more days, feeling the safety of wheels of car. It is a island with immense beaches, marvellously natural landscapes, impressive historical monuments and coastal settlements, the combination of which they create a ideal part for fascinating tours. Exploiting the autonomy, the possibility of direct contact with the nature and the flexibility that it offers the car, you will know and you will enjoy other Kos.

The fleet central auto bank is constituted by small cars for in the city, until luxurious cars and jeep. Are our cars checked and maintained regularly our experienced engineers, because our first concern constitute the safety and the comfort of our customers. Our personnel is carefully selected and well educated. With politeness and eagerness it will present to you our fleet so that you rent the car that suits in your needs and it will answer in all your questions for the services of renting of car.

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